People ask me very often what they should do to get started in programming. I usually tell them to read books. And what’s the best book for those who want to learn Mac programming? It’s Cocoa Programming forMac OS X by Aaron Hillegass. This book is the best, it simple defines what we are, it’s our bible. The book considers you already know a little C or C++ and teaches you everything a decent Mac developer should know: from a hello world to printing, web services and Core Animation.

The guy who wrote this book can be considered the world’s best Cocoa teacher. He taught Objective-C at companies like Intel, NeXT, Apple and Microsoft. He is also the own of Big Nerd Ranch, a very famous training center.

Now let me tell you guys about my faith testimony. I started to try to learn Cocoa in the beginning of 2008, I had gave up and started to look for alternatives to Objective-C. I mean, that syntax looked so weird. A very long time after that, in the end of 2009, Lars Bergstrom told me about this book. In less than a month I was writing my first commercial app.

At the time I’m writing this, it costs $30.24 USD on Amazon. It’s not the world’s cheapest book, but it isn’t the most expensive one. It’s worth investing on a copy. Get it on Amazon.

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