So, there I was, in a hostel in Italy. I left my backpack with my 2 MacBooks Pro, iPad, Galaxy Tab, external HD, medication and documents in the luggage storage. That would be just a normal day, if it wasn’t for an Albanian asshole called Emirjan Prela. This little piece of shit, who lives in Paris, stole my backpack with everything inside. A lot of work stuff was inside the laptops and lost. Re-doing that will be difficult. Italy is a dangerous country for a few reasons. One of them is that the police doesn’t give a fuck about crimes. Even with his name, passport number and so on, there’s nothing they will do about this. Finding where the guy lives will be difficult. But I do have his Facebook. As a bonus, I also found his girlfriend. He also has an email address. There aint much I can do, so I will just leave some pictures of the asshole. Something tells me this post might cause him trouble in the future. I wish I could find him. A skinny guy like that would get really hurt after facing me…