My name is Fernando Valente. I work as a Mac, web and iOS developer. I’m a libertarian and my political idols include Ron Paul, Mikhail Gorbachev, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. I’m atheist since 2008. I’m into bodybuilding since 2010, but I only started lifting in 2012. lol

A couple years ago, I wrote on this page about how I started to work as a developer. I know this will sound like a skinny-nerdy-ugly-guy-with-no-social-life-who-never-touched-a-woman. This used to be true, but it no longer is(thank god). So, here ya go!
Everything started when my dad’s client gave him a Macintosh Performa in 2000. That was my first computer. I was a kid and I just wanted to play games, I didn’t speak English and no one at my home knew where to find apps for the Mac. For you to have an idea, I could see no difference between a computer with 256 colors and a computer with thousands of colors, I didn’t use to pay attention in those details. I switched to PCs in 2001. My first PC was a Celeron 3 running Windows ME. After Windows 98, ME again and XP I got tired of bugs, re-installations and crashes. I needed something that works. Then, in 2008 I switched back to the Mac. I started programming in 2006 by writing some basic websites. Now I write apps for the Mac and iOS in Objective-C/Cocoa. I started my own “company”. It’s called Chiaro Software. On its website, you will find every app I developed for Mac OS X and iOS, and there’s a lot more to come.  I can program in HTML, CSS, Javascript, ActionScript, PHP, C and Objective-C.

I speak English and Portuguese just fine. I can also speak some French, Russian and Spanish.

I love music. My favorite singer/composer is Michael Jackson. I became his fan in February 2009, few months before his death. I also like Tears For Fears, AC/DC, Metallica, Madonna and some other musicians/bands. I got an iPhone 4S and the Music app is always open. 🙂