No WiFi in churchs

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PrayerMAX 5000™ Commercial

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Devil is a nice guy

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-Your Pentecostal friend is sick because God wants it that way.
-Microsoft is successful because Bill Gates has sold his soul to Devil.
-You had a member amputated because it’s part of the God’s plan.
-The guys from AC/DC are very rich. They also signed a contract with Devil.
-Your daughter was born without arms because God let it happen that way.

My conclusion is that Devil is a very nice guy and God, well, he’s not. Let’s start a campaign: SELL YOUR SOUL TO DEVIL! Devil will give you a lot of stuff. Instead you can give your soul to God for free, but I don’t really guarantee you will get something decent with this alternative.

I wrote this post because I’m inspired by a song from AC/DC. Devil music rocks! lol

NOTE: I don’t believe in Devil, this was a joke, but I hope you will take it seriously and reflect about it. If God is so great, why he doesn’t give you anything decent? And if Devil is so crappy, why you will get nice stuff from him?

Merry Christmans!

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Merry Xmans, friends and visitors! I hope you will all get amazing Christmas presents(Spatula anyone? :P) and of course, have a nice Christmas.

Image of the day

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That makes me wanna cry :(

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There’s a documentary called Jesus Camp. This documentary shows what happens to kids who go to these bible camps. That’s so cruel. Kids are not happy. They cry all the time. I have no more comments. Watch the video.

Don’t support nazists and pedophiles!


Say NO to the catholic church. Don’t support nazists and pedophiles. The humanity already had enough because of this fucking damn church! For those of you who don’t know, the Catholic Church helped the nazists in Europe.

Fathers must die…

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If you’re someone who believes and does what the bible says, you will probably say that those guys must die. The bible says:

“If any one lie with a man as with a woman, both have committed an abomination: let them be put to death. Their blood be upon them.” Leviticus 20:13

Those Archbishop and Fathers are raping children and we are not talking about girls, but boys. So, if the bible says that anyone who has sex with a man like he would have with a woman must die, why they shouldn’t be killed? If they followed what they preach, those fucking people would be dead right now. Those guys really don’t follow what they preach because it’s really not interesting to them to follow it.

What I mean on this post is: they don’t follow what they preach, so why should you?

Countdown to death(I totally agree with that)

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The countdown to destruction has begun… again. Yes, it’s that time folks, just like 2004, 2001, 2000, and 1997, the world will end on December 21, 2012. Oh yes, it’s time to be afraid, again.This time is different. It’s not at all like those other doomsday predictions, this one is based on the ancient Mayan calendar, so it must be right. THE TIME IS NOW to buy books written to teach you about the apocalypse, how to survive it, and of course, how to repent your sins just in time to go to heaven.Did I mention buying things?Sure, the movie looks good, but so did End Of Days back in 1999.To all people who swallow this stuff as more than just fun fiction, over and over, American Atheists has a question: do you want to buy a bridge? As with all fake Doomsday predictions, this one will fade, not grow, as the dreaded day comes near. That’s because it’s more profitable to talk about doom in the 2-3 year time frame, as opposed to the 2-3 month time frame, because the fools who bought your merchandise will remember it in months, but will forget about it in years.Ahh yes, fools — the victims of doomsayers for eons. Well, my friends, this day is for you. Happy December Fool’s Day!On December 22, 2012, after the world has not exploded, or been hit by a meteor, or been overcome by aliens, we will have a party just to make fun of the people who wasted time, stress, and money on this non-event, and we will immediately reset the clock for the next predicted end-of-the-world — and there will be a next one.

Found this on American Atheists

Nostradamus and his “predictions”

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My father was watching a documentary about Nostradamus on the TV. The documentary talks about many things he “predicted”. It also said he predicted the terrorist attacks in September 11, 2001. This prediction really took my attention. He mentioned the year 1999, he said that Gengis Khan would resuscitate and so on. When people wanna decifre a meaning of a thing, they just invent a meaning for that thing. First the guys from the documentary said that the number 1999 contains 1 and 9’s.  They said that if you add the number 1 to the number 1, it’s 11. 11 is the day of the terrorists attack. The 9º month of the year is September. The prediction also contains something about fire in the sky, so they believe it means airplanes.

Come on guys. What’s your fucking problem? First of all he said 1999, not 09/11. Second he said fire, fire doesn’t mean airplanes or terrorist attacks. Fire doesn’t even mean bad things or accidents. Those people have nothing to do and wanna make money easily, that’s why they keep inventing those things. What makes me really impressed is that there are too many people who really believe those crazy things. It’s not hard to find other absurds like this one out there. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of things that are worse than this one. I don’t know why I still get impressed with those crazy stuff people invent. Poor guys , poor guys. 🙁