Made a decision(or not)

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This blog is like dead. I mean, I guess almost no one reads it and I must admit, it’s my fault. I wrote nothing in November. I gotta start updating it more frequently. So now my goal is to update it at least once on each 3~4 days. Not sure if it will last long, but lemme try.

WordPress updated and captcha verification

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Hey, I just updated WordPress to the latest version. Also I installed a plugin which makes a captcha verification before anyone posts a comment. I was getting about 40(!) spams each day. My inbox was getting full of it and I just got tired of deleting them.

I consider spam as a vandalism. No one with more than a half brain would click on any of those links. Make a purchase? You gotta be kidding me. Normal people do NEVER buy stuff on those websites.

So dear spammers, go fuck yourselves.

Deals Plus cupoms

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Hey guys, you may have noticed that I included a Deals Plus widget on the sidebar of my blog. Deals Plus is a website where you can find hot deals like domains for a buck and free Amazon MP3 downloads credit. There are some really cool stuff and no, it’s not a scam. I already got a 1 buck domain from GoDaddy and the free Amazon credits. Also, when you click on a link I get some money for that. I hope you guys will enjoy it 🙂

WordPress upgraded!

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I use WordPress as a publishing platform for this blog. I just upgraded it to the latest version available(3.0). I don’t know in advanced what this update brings, but updates are always good 😀

A new blog on the web!

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Welcome to my new blog. Here I will write about my personal life, music, technology, news and anything else I may want. This is my first post and I don’t have much to say. This is my first personal blog, so I hope you like it. 🙂