Busy busy busy

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Currently I’m busy as hell. I’m working on a new Mac app and I hope to finish it soon. Working 10˜12 hours a day is painful!

Impossible Mission

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Just made a decision. I’m not sure how impossible the “mission” related to this decision is, but I will just try to do it. I cannot tell much yet, sorry. If it works out, I will post it here.

FireRocker HD on the AppStore!

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After a crazy app rejection because it contained “BBC” and “CNN” on the description of the app, FireRocker HD is finally on the AppStore. My best selling app was Radio Tool X Deluxe. It was discontinued and replaced by FireRocker. All Radio Tool X products were discontinued, but those who bought them can download the FireRocker equivalent for free. Now the app is beautiful and full-featured. I hope my sales will get better.

FireRocker HD

More information at www.firerocker.com.  There are a lot of stuff coming on Chiaro. Actually I got 2 goals, make a thousand dollars p/ week and be a well known iOS and Mac OS X developer. I hope they are gonna happen once FireRocker for Mac comes out…

I’m daddy! :)

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No, that’s not what you’re thinking. I don’t have a girlfriend/wife/whoever who has just gave a birth. I’m talking about my new application. It’s called FireRocker and it came to replace Radio Tool X. I’m saying I’m daddy because this app is like a son to me. It’s just great. Its UI and icon are just amazing. When I say amazing I don’t mean “Good” or “Very Good”. I mean it’s just the COOLEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN. OK, it may seem strange. Me, the developer, saying that. But no, I’m saying it as an user. It also got great functionalities.

More information and screenshots can be found on Chiaro Software website. iPad version is waiting for review and the Mac version is under development 🙂

Coalition Of The Willing iPhone app

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About a month ago I accepted to be a volunteer for the Coalition Of The Willing. If you have no idea of what COTW is, check out their website. It didn’t take too long to create the app. In fact, it was a very simple app. The app contains the movie, information about the volunteers and the event and a section where you may e-mail a friend and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

I hope this will get some doors open to me. Check out the app on the App Store. It requires iOS 4.0 or above and costs nothing! 😀

Got my hope™ back!


Few days ago I lost my hope™ on Chiaro. Reason? I *NEED* better icons and interfaces if I wanna have success. I was talking to a graphic designer I know. He got some freelances and he needs a programmer, then he invited me. Good, but something really tells me we won’t go too far. I got no money to hire a designer, so I will do a better research. Anyway, I think I got my hope™back. How? Music! 🙂

It’s pretty hard to understand how music is linked to our feelings and emotions. I don’t know why, but some songs really gimme a lot of hope.

Now I’m gonna sleep. Good bye 🙂

Hope is a trademark of Barack Obama in the United States and other countries. 😛

Looking for a graphic designer


I’m a very good programmer. I write code very well, but it’s far from enough to have success nowadays. In the 90s it was easy to make money being just a programmer. Unfortunately, party is over! You must have a great design(thank you, Apple and your damn Aqua interface). I’m the world’s crappiest designer…

I’m looking for a graphic designer who would partner with me. On every project we work together, I would get 50% of the revenue and the designer would get the other 50%. I know I know. It’s not gonna be easy to find a good(or at least a decent) designer who would partner with me. The problem is that I got stuck because of the look and feel of my apps and icons.

Software development is a very good kind of business. If you work the right way, you will be able to make so much money.

Well, if you wanna join me on that, leave a comment or email me. I hope I will find someone soon.

I tried to get some freelance jobs, so I would have money to invest on those things, but I couldn’t get anything yet. 🙁

New application and Chiaro website


Two or three days ago(I don’t remember) I released my first Mac application. Also the new Chiaro website went online. 🙂

The application is called Blue Moon App. It’s a powerful customer management application. It’s really nice and costs just U$10.99. More information may be found on this link. For the new website, my friend create a new layout.

The old Chiaro logo is just UGLY on a white background, so I created a new one. It’s not beautiful as the old logo, but it’s nice. There are many companies using a just text logo, so there’s no problem with the simplicity of my logo. 🙂

People use to hate a black background with white text, so I fixed it on the new website. Why don’t you just go and check it out?

Radio Tool X Deluxe released!


Yesterday Apple approved my first iPad app, which I commented few days ago. Radio Tool X Deluxe plays 213 radio stations on the iPad, including CBC, CNN, ESPN, Antenna1, Virgin Radio and CBC! There are a lot of cool features.

This application costs just U$0.99. Yeah, I know it’s not too much, but I’d rather 2 people to buy it for 99 cents than 1 person buy it for U$1.99. Read more about it on this page.

iPad app

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Two days ago I decided to develop an specific version of Radio Tool X for the Apple iPad. I told myself  “I can take no longer than 1 day to develop it”. In fact I toke one day and a half, but that doesn’t matter. People are saying that the iPad is the new iPhone, that it’s an inovation and bla bla bla. Anyway, I just submitted it and I hope Apple will aprove it soon. I also have to finish my new website and one application for the Mac OS X. Both are almost finished. I hope I will finish them in 1~4 days. I called this version “Radio Tool X Deluxe”. I  hope to have more success with this iPad app than I had with iPhone apps. Apple usually takes 1 week to approve iPad apps, so I think my new website will be online at the date of the Radio Tool X for iPad launch. Well, that’s it.