Mountain Dew = Shit

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I still remember a couple years ago when I really wanted to see how Mountain Dew tastes like. It seemed to taste very good. Not to mention that that yellow radioactive appearance seemed way too cool back then. Who knows it can shine in the dark?

Yesterday I wanted to drink something that contains caffeine. Red Bull tastes bad as hell. So I decided to stick with Mountain Dew. The bottle was pretty much like the one in the picture. The taste was strange as hell. Strange to a point I wanted to vomit. I drunk less than a half and thrashed the rest of the liquid(but not the bottle because of Germany’s recycling program). Next time I will get some Coca-Cola and a caffeine pill. lol

In Germany

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I finally left Brazil. I’m in Berlin ATM and looking for a place to live. I will apply for the freelancer visa as soon as possible 🙂

BTW, why does everyone in this city think I’m American? lol