In London

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So it’s been a few days since I arrived in London. This city is very cool and big, but I don’t think I will stay here forever. My heart is still in Berlin. I will get back to Germany in next year, at least for a few months. I might eventually settle here, but not at the moment. I’m not sure about what I’m gonna do in the end.

London is a very nice city. It’s HUGE, beautiful, exactly the way I like. It has its problems, like the cost of living and crime. For first world standards the United Kingdom is very violent, but I wouldn’t dare comparing it to South Africa, Brazil and some parts of Russia. The salaries here don’t seem to be that high. It seems they’re higher in Germany, at least for IT. A great thing about the UK is that the people here are *VERY* nice. British people are polite and helpful. I’d say they’re even nicer than Germans(which people usually hate, I don’t know why).

In the past few weeks I got to the end of the rope. For years I’ve been carrying several times more weight than I can. So many traumas of years of physical and emotional abuse are now comming. Ever since I smoked weed for the first time, I cannot repress my emotions anymore. Which is good in some ways. I read a couple psychology books in the past, but nothing focused on childhood traumas. Now I’m reading one that’s focused on it and I hope to get over certain things. I’m quite glad to find out certain things. I got a personality that’s not mine. I’m glad I’m not this looser I’m right now. Two nice things I found out is that I’m not hateful and that I’m not macho. In fact, I hate violence. Now it’s time to bring back the rest of my original personality that was lost years ago and start living a normal, happy life.

I’m having a hard time here in London with the money. Pound sterling bills are quite easy to identify, but coins are a pain in the ass. It’s very hard to read their value. All you can see is a HUGE picture of the queen. A classic example of a cult of personality.

Week log 1

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Well, I made a lot of plans for last week. It’s part of my plan to become a “super power” in one year. Well, let’s see the progress so far:

Guitar – I started learning from scratch and I must say I learned a lot. I changed my learning method. I’m learning theory first, instead of songs. I will keep studying theory and once I finish it, I will start learning how to play some songs. I will buy another guitar as soon as I have money because mine doesn’t seem to be working very well. πŸ™
Diet – My belly is visible smaller. My forearms veins are also more visible. I think I must have lost about 2KG this week. I think more 10~15 days will be enough for me to have a 8% body fat. 
Whey Protein – Got 1KG of whey and 1KG of maltodextrin.
Sue my ex broadband provider – Unfortunately I couldn’t  to do it yet. I was going to do it on Thursday, but I went to the wrong place. I was told to call a number from the local court in order to get more information about it. I will do it this week.
Bonus hint – I started reading How to Make Friends and Influence People. Knowing how to deal with people is a key for success IMHO.
I also want to get back to learning russian this week, but it will probably happen only on the next one.
It’s 6 in the morning here. Now it’s time for me to get dressed and go to the grocery store to buy some food.


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Today I startedΒ  going to the gym. I was training at home and, seriously, the gym is MUCH better. Just got back from there and my muscles are totally annihilated. The investment is really worth it. This way I will get big more quickly. Also, when ya go to the gym you think twice before skipping a day. I mean, you’re paying for it, spending your precious and hard earned money. The money ya had to sweat and die for. Of course you will do your best! πŸ™‚

When things can’t get worse, they GET worse :(

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Ya know those movies where the character’s life is fucked up and they say that it cannot get worse and suddenly something bad happens? Too bad it exists outside the movies. My life is a big piece of shit since a couple months ago. Yeah, that was bad, but yesterday it got even worse. And I didn’t even say anything. When I got home I toke my wallet from my pocket and when I was putting my hand in my other pocket to take my iPhone from it, well, there was no iPhone. I really got desperate when I couldn’t find it. Maybe I already toke it from there and didn’t notice it? I checked all over the place and that was just not the case. So I opened my iCloud account and Find My iPhone was not able to locate anything. I said “DAMN!”. In a minute it found my iPhone. Shit, it must have got out of my pocket in the buss considering the place it was. So I ran to the bus stop and waited for the bus. After 2 buses, I found NOTHING! So I went to the civil police department and told them my phone was missing and that I was able to find it using Find My iPhone. They said they could not do anything and told me to call the military police. Brazil is one of the most expensive countries to live and the one who has the third highest taxes and what we get for that? NOTHING! So I got home and tried to locate it again and no luck. Waited a few more hours and no luck. The only thing I can think of is that someone found it and turned it off.

Today I had to get a new cellphone. I couldn’t afford another iPhone as they are very expensive here(in fact, Brazil has the world’s most expensive iPhone). My options were limited to 2 Android phones with 2 inch screens and a BlackBerry. I ended up getting the BB as it would be nearly impossible to type on those phones. Seriously guys, now I understand why Research In Motion is about to face a bankruptcy. This phone just sucks! I mean, those guys don’t really know what usability is. The keyboard is just to small. A touch screen phone is MUCH better.

I still have a very small hope of finding my iPhone. I will call the bus company on monday to see if they know anything. In case they don’t, I will just give it up and call every single Brazilian carrier and inform them the phone IMEI so no one will be able to active it on their networks. I just hope I will have money to buy another iPhone soon. πŸ™

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

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I still can remember when I first heard about Steve Jobs. That was in 2007 when I was reading a Wikipedia article about Apple. Rest in peace, Steven Paul Jobs.


It’s been 10 years

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I still remember that day. I was a 7 years old that just got out of school and heard the news. I didn’t even know what the World Trade Center was. In fact, I didn’t know how big that terrorist attack was and its effects.

So, after almost ten years, the responsible for that shit was killed. And he was the winner. Yes, he did. He died, but he did. He wanted fear, US decadence and a lot other stuff. And he got it. πŸ™

Steve Jobs is out of the game

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A few days ago Steve Jobs resigned. As a geek, there’s no way I can’t say anything about it. Believe in me or not, I’m glad he did it. Steve was such an amazing CEO for many years, but at the end, he was beginning to screw up! Lion is a big joke, and so is the “post-PC era”, that killing DVD/CD/Blu-Ray stuff and the Mac App Store. Apple became very evil, they acted just like a patent troll. Suing people for a foolish reason isn’t right in my opinion. Now I think there’s a chance the Mac will survive. I also think there’s a chance Apple will stop suing people just like if its life depended on it.

I don’t hate Steve Jobs, but I must say he was stupid as a person. Anyone who has seen Pirates of Silicon Valley knows what I’m talking about. I must recognize that when he was Apple’s CEO, it has created amazing stuff I use everyday, like my iPhone and my MacBook. About his health condition, at the same time I think he is paying for what he did, I wish him the best.

I’m not going back to Rio anymore


Found a home πŸ™‚

Got a job! :D

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No, it’s not in another country. I got a job here in Brazil, but I must say I’m happy as hell. I went to the interview yesterday and they said I’d get an e-mail in a few hours. I didn’t get it and I thought “Oh crap, I didn’t get the job”. Today I got an e-mail saying I was hired. I will work as an iOS developer in a magazine publisher. I will be developing magazines for the iPad. I’m just SOOOO HAPPY!Β  Wish me luck πŸ˜€

Terrorism in Rio

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In the last days, Rio de Janeiro is confronting a big terrorist attack from the drug dealers. They are burning a lot of vehicles in protest because the cops toke some of their territories. Many cops are going to a favela and trying to get the drug dealers. There are more than 200 of them(drug dealers).

I won’t say much about the situation, but I will say my opinion about it. What drug dealers are doing is totally right! Yes, it is. Brazilians use to elect politics who are directly related to the crime. Politics that are proven to be related to terrorist groups, killers, drug dealers, robbers and other kinds of crimes are very welcome here. And they keep voting for them again and again. The president is a great example. A racist was elected twice and now they elected a terrorist. The list of politics that are related to crimes is so big that I cannot write it here. Brazilians(mostly the poor ones) keep saying corruption is right because everyone does it and bla bla bla. They are paying for what they do and I must say: it’s totally right.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that innocent people(like me), who vote for decent people and want to change, are paying for that. All I want is to leave this piece of crap. I hope that will happen next year.

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