People are protesting everywhere in Brazil. And when I mean everywhere, I mean the government is scared to ass.

A couple time ago I contacted Capitalism and The Angel Clark Show¬†and asked them if they would publish a story about the atrocities the Brazilian government is committing. They said they would and I hope they will still do that. The reason why I didn’t write this post before is because I was going to leave Brazil soon, so I thought it would be a good idea to wait as I feared persecution.
I want to make this clear that I was not in the middle of the protests because I intended to leave Brazil. And I didn’t leave Brazil because I got arrested. I was going to do that anyway. I just did it earlier. Instead of March I left in August.
So, let’s start with some facts about Brazil. Brazil is a large, undeveloped country that lacks a lot of infrastructure like electricity supply and cable phones, and that exists even in the biggest cities(in most remote areas of the cities, the main ones don’t have too many problems with that). Most of the country is starving¬†and people are very ignorant in certain areas of the country. When I say ignorant I mean they lack culture, political knowledge and so on. I’m not criticizing them, but those people seem to live in a tribe. Most of them depend on government welfare and most who get money from the government simply refuse to work as they get enough money to eat once a day. Some will even have more children to get more money from the government.