How to get Bitcoins for free

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Bitcoin is really gaining some popularity, but there are almost no viable ways to make money with it. Mining is expensive and complicated. You will end up with huge electricity bills and need expensive equipment. It’s worth it on the long run given Bitcoin is evaluating very quickly.

Everyone wants some easy money, but truth is, there ain’t no such thing as easy money. And when there is a (legal) easy way to make money, you won’t be making more than a few bucks. A week ago I found a Bitcoin faucet that still works. It’s called “moon bitcoin”. All you have to do is to leave the site open on your browser and claim your bitcoins. Yes, it’s as simple as leaving it open on your browser. It does not pay that much, but given my computer is on 24/7, I’m able to make $3~4 every week just by leaving the site open on my browser window.

That does not seem much, right? It turns out they also have an area where you can sign up for services, answer surveys and things like that. During last week I answered a few surveys and ended up with about $25. It took me less than 1 hour to answer those surveys and they did provide me with some nice money. Click here to check it out. All you need is a Bitcoin address. No sign up required.

Creating your first iOS app

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In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how to write your first iOS app(aka Hello World). I will assume you already know logic programming. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably not familiar with Objective-C and maybe even scared of it! Objective-C looks scary at first, but once you learn it, you won’t want to write code in any other language. It’s just easy, organised and readable. But why people find it so scary? Because of its unusual syntax! In Java, you’d write something like this:


In Objective-C, that would be:

[object method:argument];

It looks nothing like C, Java, PHP or other popular languages. But all you have to do is to open your mind and start from simple things, like this app I’m going to teach you how to write.


This week

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Well, after a lot of work I finally finished Metropolis. Now that it’s released I can start focusing on other stuff. Believe or not, I started working on it on December 2011. I was working on it on my free time, so I didn’t have much time to work on it. Well, now it’s released. I hope for god I will get some nice money from it. Even if I don’t get, Metropolis is too fucking cool. So far I’m proud of it.

Well, I’ve got a plan for this year. The goal is to do everything I was supposed to have done years ago. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to write here who’s my inspiration for the plan. Well, anyway, I’m going to become a slave. And I finally solved my motivation and focus problems.
This week I will start a weight loss program. I simply stop drinking too much soft drinks. I love them, but they won’t let me lose weight easily. I will drink no more than 2 cans a day. I know I should drink no soda at all, but if I try anything that’s too complicated I will end up giving up. Last year I ran a 13 day Albuterol cycle. I was able to lose 2KG without losing muscle mass. And I wasn’t even on a diet. Now the goal is to lose 5~6KG. Yeah, I want to become very lean. 8% body fat or less is fine. Last time I toke 12MG a day, this time I want to start from 4MG every four hours and go 8MG every 4 hours. Considering I will be on a diet and that I’m now on TRT, there’s a big change I will be able to lose all the weight I want in just 2 weeks.
This week I will also get serious on learning how to play the guitar. If I study it for 30 minutes everything, I will play it decently in a few weeks. I will start from scratch, learning chords and sound effects. Well, it won’t be easy, but I have to learn it. It would help me a lot. I mean, those who can play an instrument always get attention. It’s easier even to make friends.
This week I will also sue my former broadband provider. They simply cut my signal and when I tried calling them, the phone would just stay mute. The store I subscribed the service from said they wouldn’t help me. WTF!? I’m not even able to cancel it. And worst of all, I needed to finish Metropolis quickly because it will be sold on MacUpdate Promo on monday. I got another broadband provider and now it’s working fine(let’s hope it will work for long). 
I also have to buy more whey protein. 
Well, this week won’t be easy, but I will have to start getting on a routine if I want to succeed.
BTW, I’m writing this post from Metropolis and I must say it’s WAY better than the WordPress admin. Seriously, I have no idea why I never tried using a blogging app before. It’s very good to write a post on it. And I really really hope Metropolis will be successful. Yeah, I’m paranoid. 😛

Busy busy busy

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Currently I’m busy as hell. I’m working on a new Mac app and I hope to finish it soon. Working 10˜12 hours a day is painful!

New MacBook Pro

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My old MacBook Pro ain’t working properly, so I got a new one. This time, I got the unibody model. Yeah, it’s second hand, but it’s still a great machine. The screen is INCREDIBLY amazing! The speakers are also very cool. 🙂


Yeah, I will try to fix my old MacBook Pro soon.

Steve Ballmer sells Windows XP

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Macintosh Factory

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This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire fucking life! I wanna own a factory like this one some day 🙂   

And I’m back to Snow Leopard

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I know Mountain Lion was released a couple days ago, but I ended up downgrading my MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard. Lion is just too buggy. I never thought I’d say that, but even Windows Vista is better. It’s buggy, slow, ugly and consumes a lot of memory. And is there anything new on Lion that’s relevant? No! Just a mobile interface on a desktop, and let’s face it, it doesn’t work work. Snow Leopard is far better than Lion. Mountain Lion won’t run on my Mac without a workaround. But the main reason to not install it at this moment is that it probably has a lot of bugs considering it’s a .0 version. I also kept Tiger on another partition, as I’m a big fan of that OS. This time, the Tiger partition is a half of my hard drive. And yes, I still use it regularly. Mainly to work on a Mac app that should be out soon. I really wanna make it compatible with Tiger and Panther.

No WiFi in churchs

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Macintosh Software Business

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Hey guys, here’s a quick tip for Mac developers. Some time ago I asked my friend Rainer Brockerhoff about networking and he told me to join some mailing lists. I asked for examples and he told me about the Apple’s Cocoa list and the macsb list. macsb stands for Macintosh Software Business. I joined the list and it’s really worth being part of it. I’ve learned so much from it that I consider it a golden tip. For more details, visit the list on Yahoo!.

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