Like a boss

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Fuck the clueless

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Rainer Brockerhoff used to tell that being clueless makes you get no answers for your questions. In the beggining, I didn’t understand why. Today I’ve finally figured out what a true clueless person is. And I’m talking about a person who has this word tattooed in her forehead.

I was trying to get some good reputation answering questions on Stack Overflow and a guy asked a question about getting information displayed in a custom way on a UITableViewCell. I told them to subclass it and add four UILabels to it. Problem solved, right? Wrong! The guy asked how they should do that. Well folks, I’m not sure if I’m talking about a guy who doesn’t know how to do that. What I know is that they wanted me to do the entire work for them, so they would just copy and paste the code and it would work like a magic. Yes, magic! No work at all. “Let me just get someone to do the work for me”.

Yeah guys, this is THE way to not get your questions answered. When asking something, try to learn from your question. Trying to get other people to do the work for you will not work. I recomend this great article by Matt Gemmell.

Rainer, you were right.

Apple #fail

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Apple gave up Lion? Check it out before they fix it!

RE: cheap viagra

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Click to see it larger


My newest project

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Hello friends, I’m here to tell you about my newest project. It’s called Sensitive Code, and is a blog about programming. I thought it would be a great way to get some visibility, so I started this blog. The next steps are to write a lot of posts and get some people to write with me. Go check it out!

Woman eats toalet paper

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How to trick a fool

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There are still uses for animated GIFs. 🙂

Hosting renewed and 2 domains purchased

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Today I renewed the Chiaro web hosting. This blog is hosted on the same server I host Chiaro website. It’s renewed until 2011. Also, I registered the domains and They now redirect to Chiaro website. I found a discount cupom which allowed me to pay $1.17 for a domain registration on GoDaddy. If you would like to get a domain for just $1.99, use the banner bellow:

The other domain I got on Yahoo!. I host my websites on BlueHost. It costs less than 100 dollars a year and offers unlimited web hosting. It also has a great customer support. Click here for more info.

Use these links to sing up and I will earn a commission 🙂

Lego Printer

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I love those things creative things. There’s no limit to imagination 🙂

Just deleted my Orkut account


Yeah guys, I’m so happy I finally deleted my account from that piece of crap called Orkut. I just hate it! The layout is very ugly, people are so rude and that buggy anti-spam verification is really annoying. I was not using it and I didn’t ever pretend to use it again, so today I finally decided to delete it. The only reason why I created an account on that trash is because it’s too popular in the country I live. Everyone(excepting by me and a few other people) in Brazil has an Orkut account. You have no idea of how this shit is popular here. Anyway, I’m happy 😀

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