Post PC era

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So, ever since Apple released the iPad 2, Apple fanboys started talking about this post PC era. And all that because Steve Jobs said the iPad would replace the PC. BULLSHIT! This ain’t gonna happen.

Before talking about why Apple wants you to think that, let’s get back to the past. The first computers used punched cards. Their job was to to complex number calculations. Then, the command line came. Not only it allowed you to do those complex calculations, but it also introduced a *LOT* of new possibilities. Then Xerox invented the graphical interface. Again, it introduced a lot of new possibilities that allowed people to do pretty much anything the command line allowed. Not to mention that you still can use the command line on a desktop computer. We call that evolution. Does that make sense? To me, it does. In 2010 the iPad came. The iPad reinvented the tablet concept. I mean, the first tablets were literally desktop computers with a nice touch screen. They were useful to designers, but unfortunately, to ordinary people, they weren’t that useful. The iPad really gave people the opportunity to use a tablet. Fine, but can it replace the desktop? If you said yes, then read this paragraph again. The iPad brings no evolution at all. No matter how much it can evolute, its concept is still limited compared to a desktop. So why on earth there would be a regression?

The iPad is just a gadget. While it can easily replace a netbook, it cannot replace a desktop. The tablet concept just isn’t made for creating content. I mean, everyone needs to create content. From kids doing their homework to business people creating a spreadsheet. To create content, we usually use more than one app. The iPad can run multiple apps at once, but you can only see one. It’s bad, for example, if you need to read something from the browser window while you type.

Another problem the iPad has is its screen size. I mean, lets get back to the past where 10″ screens were like standard. Nowadays we got screens bigger than 20″. There’s no way a 20″ screen would work on a tablet. Excepting for laptops, most people prefer a bigger screen. I would not replace my 15″ MacBook Pro with a little 10″ screen computer. Ok, you might say it’s more portable, now think about replacing your desktop with a 10″ screen device. It sounds bad, doesn’t it? Now remember that my MacBook Pro is my main computer(which is mostly used on my desk).

Apple has the reputation of being the future. Why they would lie? First, Apple ain’t perfect, they make mistakes too.  But this ain’t even the case. If you Google for “iPad sales”, you will see Apple sells a *LOT* more iPads than Macs. They lost the desktop war. I hate to say that, but Windows won, and Apple just wanna change the game. The iPad is still the best selling tablet out there. And of course, Apple wants to be the leader. I mean, who wouldn’t? Apple ain’t here for changing the world, Apple is here to make money, just like any other company. In this world, what matters to people is profit, not changing the world. Too bad there are a lot of innocent people out there who believe Apple is here to change the world and nothing else.

And here’s one last thing. Everyone that says tablets will replace the desktops say the iPad will. People don’t say the word “tablets”, but “iPad”. If the iPad will replace the desktop, why Android won’t? Why people aren’t mentioning the Android? Simply, they can’t think for themselves. They keep saying that because they are Apple fanboys and Apple said that, not because it’s the conclusion they came to after thinking about it.

RIP Sensitive Code

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Hey folks, unfortunately, my blog Sensitive Code is dead. I had no time to update it and ended up not renewing the domain registration. It had a great page rank. For example, if you type UIFileSharing on Google, a post from Sensitive Code it is the first result(not sure for how long). I moved every post from there to this blog, so everything is still available. I hope to write about programming on this blog in the future.

Easy multithreading, a courtesy of NSOperation

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Threading is known for being very hard in any language. A foolish mistake can make your application crash. Programmers spend a lot of time to make sure everything works fine. On Mac OS X 10.5, Apple finally introduced a very easy way to deal with threading. NSOperation is The Apple Way® to deal with threading. All you have to do is to subclass the NSOperation, create and initialize a NSOperationQueue, create and initialize the NSOperation and add it to the NSOperationQueue. For this tutorial, I will teach you how to write a simple app that will load a RSS feed and display it on a NSTableView.

To get started, go to Xcode and create a new project. I will call mine RSS Reader, but feel free to call it whatever you want. Let’s start by editing our AppDelegate.h. Create 3 IBOutlets:


Documents folder and UIFileSharing

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On the iOS, we can only save files on the documents folder. The bundle for example, is not writable. Getting the path of the documents folder is easy. Just use the following code:

NSArray *array = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask, YES);
NSString *documents = [[array objectAtIndex:0] copy];

The variable documents will be the path to the documents folder. Now if you want to create an URL from it, use the following code:

NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:documents];

Say you saved a couple files and want your users to be able to transfer it to their computers. On iOS 3.2, Apple introduced UIFileSharing. It allows users to transfer files from their iOS devices to any computer running iTunes. To enable that, just add the Application supports iTunes file sharing line to your info.plist and check the box.

Your users will be able to transfer any file from the documents folder to a computer. To do that, open iTunes then click on your device name. Go to the apps tab and scroll down.

Just drag and drop any file to/from the documents table view.

iPad! :D

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Just got one, thanks to my uncle! 😀

Got a job! :D

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No, it’s not in another country. I got a job here in Brazil, but I must say I’m happy as hell. I went to the interview yesterday and they said I’d get an e-mail in a few hours. I didn’t get it and I thought “Oh crap, I didn’t get the job”. Today I got an e-mail saying I was hired. I will work as an iOS developer in a magazine publisher. I will be developing magazines for the iPad. I’m just SOOOO HAPPY!  Wish me luck 😀

iPad app

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Two days ago I decided to develop an specific version of Radio Tool X for the Apple iPad. I told myself  “I can take no longer than 1 day to develop it”. In fact I toke one day and a half, but that doesn’t matter. People are saying that the iPad is the new iPhone, that it’s an inovation and bla bla bla. Anyway, I just submitted it and I hope Apple will aprove it soon. I also have to finish my new website and one application for the Mac OS X. Both are almost finished. I hope I will finish them in 1~4 days. I called this version “Radio Tool X Deluxe”. I  hope to have more success with this iPad app than I had with iPhone apps. Apple usually takes 1 week to approve iPad apps, so I think my new website will be online at the date of the Radio Tool X for iPad launch. Well, that’s it.