How to get Bitcoins for free

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Bitcoin is really gaining some popularity, but there are almost no viable ways to make money with it. Mining is expensive and complicated. You will end up with huge electricity bills and need expensive equipment. It’s worth it on the long run given Bitcoin is evaluating very quickly.

Everyone wants some easy money, but truth is, there ain’t no such thing as easy money. And when there is a (legal) easy way to make money, you won’t be making more than a few bucks. A week ago I found a Bitcoin faucet that still works. It’s called “moon bitcoin”. All you have to do is to leave the site open on your browser and claim your bitcoins. Yes, it’s as simple as leaving it open on your browser. It does not pay that much, but given my computer is on 24/7, I’m able to make $3~4 every week just by leaving the site open on my browser window.

That does not seem much, right? It turns out they also have an area where you can sign up for services, answer surveys and things like that. During last week I answered a few surveys and ended up with about $25. It took me less than 1 hour to answer those surveys and they did provide me with some nice money. Click here to check it out. All you need is a Bitcoin address. No sign up required.

Quote of the day

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“It’s better to do nothing with your money than something you don’t understand.”, Suze Orman

Deals Plus cupoms

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Hey guys, you may have noticed that I included a Deals Plus widget on the sidebar of my blog. Deals Plus is a website where you can find hot deals like domains for a buck and free Amazon MP3 downloads credit. There are some really cool stuff and no, it’s not a scam. I already got a 1 buck domain from GoDaddy and the free Amazon credits. Also, when you click on a link I get some money for that. I hope you guys will enjoy it 🙂

Octopus and my fucking money

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Since Lula da Silva(AKA Octopus) has assumed the presidency of this fucking damn country called “Brazil”, it has became one of the biggest unfunny jokes EVER. I don’t even know where to start, maybe from his racist statements(I don’t have blue eyes, but as a white guy I’m still waiting for him to apologize) or the 45% of taxes(it’s the minimum you pay, sometimes it’s 800% depending on what you’re buying) or the corruption scandals. When he assumed the presidency, this country has became even worse than it was. Violence increased, corruption increased and your privacy too. It’s hard to believe the government gets data from credit card companies and banks to know how much you’re spending. If you spend money you don’t have or pays something to someone then she pays your credit card bill later, you will have to pay a bigger return tax for that.

There are also some weird cases of people who received small quantities of money from outside Brazil. Few time ago a guy told me one thing that happened to him. He has a company and it provided a service to a German company. It received €2.000,00 for the service. The government held the payment alleging “How can a company that has never made any money make 2k Euros?”. After a few years, he finally got that money. When that happened, the Euro exchange rate was down.

We both have something in common. My payment from Apple was supposed to be on my account by September 7, as they payed me on September 2. The payment was about R$1,200.00(approximately $700~800 US dollars). Guess what? The payment  was returned. I’m on a fucking list of people they want more information from. I emailed Apple and they told me that. And the worst part is that I have to consider myself lucky. Lucky because they didn’t steal my money. R$1,200.00, WTF!? It’s not a big quantity of money. It was the biggest payment I ever received from the, but it’s not too much. Is that all? No! The Dollar exchange rate is getting down.

I don’t know what is worse, the fact Dilma Rousseff(the candidate Lula is telling people to vote for), an ex-terrorist, having a *BIG* chance to be the next president of this fucking country, or those ignorant people who keep saying  “That’s right! He must steal our money. Everyone does it, so he has to do it too”. 99.8% of Brazilians are a bunch animals with a brain of a bacteria. Too bad I was born here. I really wish I was born in a decent country. 🙁