Mauricio Macri, El forjador de la nueva Gran Argentina

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Congrats, Mr President! Hopefully Macri will be successful on his journey to take Argentina out of communism and make it a wealthy nation again. No more peronism, no more populism and no more communism. We need more right-wing people like you, Mr. Macri!

Obama is a joke

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I still remember the 2008 USA elections. The country’s biggest economic crises was going on after 8 years of George Bush. Everybody thought Obama would be the greatest solution. He had a great speech, it seemed like he had super powers, that he could do everything. It’s been 3 years since he became the US president and, as most people, I’m very disappointed with him.

He promised a lot, but we haven’t seen much. While Osama Bin Laden is dead and the recession is over, he didn’t do almost 10% of what he was supposed to do. Recession is over, but the country is still broke. Unemployment is much higher than it is supposed to be, the country’s debt is incredible and so on. One of the most important things to me, the immigration reform, has no signs of life. And to be honest, I doubt that will happen anytime soon. Not to mention WikiLeaks. In fact, that made me lose all my respect for Hilary Clinton because of her speech. I expected more from him on this topic. What about apologizing, fix things and admit they screwed up? The US wouldn’t be so infamous now and people would still have more faith in the humanity.

He says the opposition won’t allow him to do anything. Come on, he is the fucking president! Instead of giving excuses, why not doing something? He talks about republicans, but he won’t assume that the biggest opposition is in his own party! For example, the Dream Act didn’t pass because 5 democrats voted against it. He lost a lot of time trying to convince republicans of his ideas, but he forgot about his own party. I mean, if he had spent more time trying to convince democrats about his plans when they were the majority in the congress, things would have been MUCH easier.

Seriously, I hope the next president will be better. Let’s just hope it won’t be Sarah Palin or any other Barack Obama.