I’m on GitHub

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It toke a while to convince me to start using GitHub, but a few days ago a friend finally convinced me. I already published a few projects there and intend to publish a lot more. I will stop publishing open source projects on this blog(at least for now). Anyway, go check it out!


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Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus


Developing for Android is not a choice anymore. A lot of my customers are asking for Android apps, so I bought this nice piece of gadget. I need a real device because Android simulator is just too slow and doesn’t seem to work very well. Time to learn how to program for Android!

RIP Sensitive Code

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Hey folks, unfortunately, my blog Sensitive Code is dead. I had no time to update it and ended up not renewing the domain registration. It had a great page rank. For example, if you type UIFileSharing on Google, a post from Sensitive Code it is the first result(not sure for how long). I moved every post from there to this blog, so everything is still available. I hope to write about programming on this blog in the future.

[Book]Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X

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People ask me very often what they should do to get started in programming. I usually tell them to read books. And what’s the best book for those who want to learn Mac programming? It’s Cocoa Programming forMac OS X by Aaron Hillegass. This book is the best, it simple defines what we are, it’s our bible. The book considers you already know a little C or C++ and teaches you everything a decent Mac developer should know: from a hello world to printing, web services and Core Animation.

The guy who wrote this book can be considered the world’s best Cocoa teacher. He taught Objective-C at companies like Intel, NeXT, Apple and Microsoft. He is also the own of Big Nerd Ranch, a very famous training center.

Now let me tell you guys about my faith testimony. I started to try to learn Cocoa in the beginning of 2008, I had gave up and started to look for alternatives to Objective-C. I mean, that syntax looked so weird. A very long time after that, in the end of 2009, Lars Bergstrom told me about this book. In less than a month I was writing my first commercial app.

At the time I’m writing this, it costs $30.24 USD on Amazon. It’s not the world’s cheapest book, but it isn’t the most expensive one. It’s worth investing on a copy. Get it on Amazon.

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New application and Chiaro website


Two or three days ago(I don’t remember) I released my first Mac application. Also the new Chiaro website went online. 🙂

The application is called Blue Moon App. It’s a powerful customer management application. It’s really nice and costs just U$10.99. More information may be found on this link. For the new website, my friend create a new layout.

The old Chiaro logo is just UGLY on a white background, so I created a new one. It’s not beautiful as the old logo, but it’s nice. There are many companies using a just text logo, so there’s no problem with the simplicity of my logo. 🙂

People use to hate a black background with white text, so I fixed it on the new website. Why don’t you just go and check it out?

What the fuck? What’s fucking on?

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Every time I’m about to finish an paid Mac app something goes wrong and makes it impossible to finish it. For real, I’m starting to get bored. First I tried porting Radio Tool X for the Mac, but I got some fucking issues with the QuickTime framework that has some incompatibilities with QuickTime X, so I can’t adopt it for playback. Without it,  I can’t stream audio from radio stations easily. I also tried to make another musical app, but QTKit can’t play the same sound twice or more at the same time. I did an workaround, but I got a memory leak. Then I tried a Core Data application. It’s almost finished, but I couldn’t find on the web how to export/import the database. For real, this shit is starting to get strange. I don’t know any really good programming forum, excepting by Apple Developer Forums. The problem is that I need to be enrolled at the Mac Developer Program in order to have access to them. I don’t have those damn 100 dolars to join it. I’m dead. I really need to finish something. I ran out of ideas. Damn it.

I’m proud of myself!

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As a programmer, I always have study(no metter what you know, you never know enough). Now I’m learning advanced C and Objective-C. I’m reading a great book called Advanced Programming for Mac OS X. This book was wrote by one of my idols: Aaron Hillegass. You know when you’re proud of your progress? I’m feeling this way! 🙂

I just learned how to make an application read simple plugins. It may seem that easy. OK, it doesn’t only seem easy, it’s easy. Programming for Mac OS X uses to be really easy and this is not an exception.

As I was just doing this to learn, I created a simple terminal application that loads a plugin and get a message from it. Bellow you can see the entire code used to load and read the plugin(s):