I’m on GitHub

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It toke a while to convince me to start using GitHub, but a few days ago a friend finally convinced me. I already published a few projects there and intend to publish a lot more. I will stop publishing open source projects on this blog(at least for now). Anyway, go check it out!

Happy new year!

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I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. I hope 2011 will be a great year to me. I got many great projects which may finally come true. I’m really fighting to make they come true.

In the beginning of January, FireRocker for Mac will finally come out. It’s 90% done, but there’s still work and testing to do. Also, I will finish a couple more projects that are almost finished. If FireRocker for Mac gets successful, I will try to go to Canada or UK, as they allow self-employed people to immigrate. In case it fails, I will try to get a job.

In January, I will go to Campus Party. It may be a great place to make contacts and get a job. And guess who’s gonna be there? Steve Wozniak! Yeah, one of my idols. People say he’s very friendly, so I will finally get to know one of my idols. There will be a lot of foreigners and foreign companies. The first Brazilian female to work for NASA, got her job at a previous edition Campus Party. So I hope I will have the same luck 🙂

One thing I have to do before that is to practice English. I have no problems to write, but I don’t feel secure when speaking it. The last time I spoke it, everyone understood what I said. However, at the end of 2007, when I was still learning it, I tried to talk to a couple Americans, but I failed miserable. I think that’s why I don’t feel secure when speaking it. When I feel secure, even my accent gets better. I can speak many words just like Americans would speak. I must try to get comfortable with it, so I will not have any problem. I guess I will talk to a couple friends from the UK, Australia and the US a few hours each day, so I will get familiar with it.