It’s been 2 years

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Wow, it’s been 2 years since I moved from Rio de Janeiro to São Paolo. I moved to here on 21/02/2011. Today I was looking at the calendar and I noticed February 21 was 3 days ago. In those 2 years, I learned a lot, changed a lot and so did my life. Somethings didn’t change at all, and probably never will…

Going back to Rio :(


I’m so sad I’m writing this post. But yes, I’m going back to Rio next week. Everything started when I went to Campus Party back in January. I was going to stay in a hotel, but I’d struggle to pay for that. So a friend of mine asked if I didn’t want to stay in his boyfriend’s home. I saw nothing wrong on that and we quickly became “friends”(you will understand why the fuck the word friends has the quotation marks soon). So when I moved to São Paulo, I’d share the apartment with him and a friend of his. It’s something very common here because people can split the bills, which are pretty expensive. When I arrived at SP, the first thing he told was that 2 more people were going to live with us. 5 people in such a small apartment totally disrespects the physical laws. So I just didn’t know what to do. I looked for an apartment to rent, but I found nothing.

At the same time, things didn’t go quite well at my work. My boss didn’t think I was good at programming because of my age. A friend of mine had recommended me for the job. That same friend helped me a lot in the beginning when I was about to get fired. To me, he is a very special guy because he did so much for me and I will never forget what he did. If someday I ever get rich, I will surely remember of those who helped me. Thanks Heinar, you’re an amazing guy. I will never forget what you did. :)

A few time later I got my boss to trust me and almost everything was fine. I started also behaving strangely(maybe because of the problems I was having, I was just so nervous and could not think). But I really learned a lot about society after that. I really really did and I’m very thankful for this.

Getting back to the apartment stuff, I wasn’t able to find anything. The first good news I heard was that my dad’s friend had a apartment here and he wouldn’t mind letting me stay there. That sounded like music to my ears(in fact, that sounded like a Michael Jackson song lol). But the bad news came a few time later. My dad’s friend has asked a friend of his to take care of the apartment and he had rented it. But I’d just have to wait 2 months and I’d have a place to stay.

I moved to my great grandaunt’s home temporary. I tried hard to find somewhere to rent, in case anything went wrong. But I wasn’t able to find something that fitted in my salary. After some intensive research, my dad talked to his friend and asked a few details. The problem was that the condo costs were over R$1,800.00. I could rent an apartment with this money, so of course I said “Thank you so much, but I cannot afford it”. He tried to help me and I’m thankful for that :)

I started to look for something to rent, but I couldn’t find anything. Everything was just so expensive that, well, I just CANNOT afford. My grandmother told me she would come here if needed to help me to look for a place to live. I work 8 hours per day and I just can’t spend so much time looking for a place to live. And, there’s more. I can only look for a place to rent in the weekends, which is very hard. For a some time, I thought I’d be able to find it by myself, but I ended up saying “Yes”. WHY!?!?!?!?!? Why the fuck I did this?

As soon as she came here, my great grandaunt’s children told her I needed to get out of her home ASAP, as her health isn’t very well. I cannot say I disagree with them, because she isn’t really doing well. My mom told my grandmother “Try to find something which will not require a contract”. In Brazil, we have to pay a 30% fee in case we break a renting contract. She took this very seriously… She kept ignoring anything she found that required a fucking contract. And yes, I’d have more time if she stayed where she was.

There are many people here which will rent rooms in their homes. I kept telling her to not look for this kind of stuff because it’s dangerous as hell. Did she listen to me? NO, SHE DIDN’T! She also found some apartments which didn’t require a contract. The only one available was at a neighborhood called Liberdade(“liberty” in Portuguese). It’s one of  the most dangerous neighborhoods in São Paulo. Crackheads invaded it. If they see you have something they find interesting(like a watch or a t-shirt), they will simply shot you and take your stuff. Then they will sell it to buy more crack. They don’t even ask you, they simply kill you. When I told her about this, she kept insisting on that. What the fuck!? I wonder what happened to her brain. Really, I don’t want to put my life under risk. Not really.

So, I ended up finding nothing and I will get back to Rio in next week. Everything seemed so perfect, but a lot of stuff went wrong. I really hope I could change this, but I cannot see anything happening anytime soon. I will just quit my fucking job and getting back to that crappy city. What a crappy life :(

Terrorism in Rio

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In the last days, Rio de Janeiro is confronting a big terrorist attack from the drug dealers. They are burning a lot of vehicles in protest because the cops toke some of their territories. Many cops are going to a favela and trying to get the drug dealers. There are more than 200 of them(drug dealers).

I won’t say much about the situation, but I will say my opinion about it. What drug dealers are doing is totally right! Yes, it is. Brazilians use to elect politics who are directly related to the crime. Politics that are proven to be related to terrorist groups, killers, drug dealers, robbers and other kinds of crimes are very welcome here. And they keep voting for them again and again. The president is a great example. A racist was elected twice and now they elected a terrorist. The list of politics that are related to crimes is so big that I cannot write it here. Brazilians(mostly the poor ones) keep saying corruption is right because everyone does it and bla bla bla. They are paying for what they do and I must say: it’s totally right.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that innocent people(like me), who vote for decent people and want to change, are paying for that. All I want is to leave this piece of crap. I hope that will happen next year.